5 Ways to Be Likable!

The other night, I had dinner with family. After my aunt left, someone mentioned how likable she is. Everyone lovess her. She’s kind of amazing! You just want to be around her. So how

Are you genuine?
Are you honest and real? There’s a scene from the movie, “Mean Girls” that comes to mind. One of the main characters compliments another person on a skirt she’s wearing. Seconds after the person leaves, the main character says how horrible the skirt is. Even something that seems like a likable thing to do might not be.

Do you show respect to others?
I’m surprised at how mean and disrespectful some people can be. We all get frustrated with others. Showing respect to other people is such a basic, but not always common thing in this world.

Are you positive?
Sure, we probably all have to vent at some point. But if everything you say is negative, you’re probably not going to attract friends.

Do you care about others?
This might seem like an obvious, but I’m surprised at how many people seem to NOT care about other people. Think about the people around you and how you can make their life a little better. Something as simple as sending an encouraging text can make someone’s day much better.

Are you humble?
I once heard that being humble is not thinking low of yourself. It’s just not thinking higher of yourself than of others.


What quality do you think is important in being a likable person? Leave me a comment.

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