After seeing the color Facebook status campaign, many people have mixed feelings. If you did not hear about it, ladies posted the color of their bra….but just a color. It had other ladies and men wondering what was going on. It created a big buzz. Some call the campaign successful. Some think it was not at all. Some think it was a fun way to bring awareness to breast cancer. Some people still think it was JUST ABOUT BRA COLORS.

My sister Denisse and our soon to be brother-in-law Tim, did a little research. Denisse wrote the following. Please copy and paste. Let’s take this to the next level and spread some education as well.  🙂

Black, nude, pink, etc. Want to be really helpful and take it to the next step? If you simply click on the link below, you can help donate FREE mammograms to underpriviledged women! Let’s spread the word and make a real difference!