I can’t say enough great things about this bride and groom. This wedding at Lake Lucerne made me so happy that I get to photograph these special days. For me, nothing is more amazing than being around sweet, fun, caring people. I loved hearing stories, family laughing, and friends giving their best wishes. I loved the support, wisdom, and humor from friends and family. What a gift! I love how Jill and Mitchell interacted with each other and those around them. This bride and groom were not just ready for a wedding day, they were ready for a wonderful life together.



A fancy look for a fancy groomsman. He had us laughing.

http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/ The beautiful ladies and ring bearer were getting ready nearby. 🙂

http://michelleguzman.com/ I love these mother and bride photos.


wedjillpreview-014 What an adorable flower girl, right? 🙂

http://michelleguzman.com/ I loved this moment when the father of the bride first saw his girl all dressed up in her wedding gown.

http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/ The ring bearer did a great job walking down the aisle with the flower girl.

http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/ Mr. and Mrs.!

http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/ I love sunflare. Can you tell? 🙂

http://michelleguzman.com/ They are such a sweet couple!!http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/ She is one of the sweetest brides I have ever photographed.

wedjillpreview-039 Twirling in her gown. 🙂http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/ Jill requested this image. The bride’s parents, the bride and groom, and the groom’s parents. This is true love! 🙂

http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/ The first dance was so sweet.

http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/ The toasts from family were amazing. They were funny and made me tear up.


http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/ Thank you Jill and Mitchell for letting us capture this amazing day! Brittany and I had an amazing time!





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