Recently, I realized that I have been keeping to myself way too much. Deep down, I am an extrovert; but I’ve been acting like a major introvert for a while now. Wait….introverts still hang out with friends. I’ve been emo…a preppy emo…no…that’s not it, either. Regardless of what I would describe myself, I knew I needed a lazy day watching movies and catching up with friends. Ironically, we ate amazing pizza and lost track of time as we talked. The movie marathon never happened, but catching up on stories is even better. Here’s a list of the movies I’ll be watching soon. These are family friendly (G or PG). You can even click on the images if you want more details, reviews, or to purchase the movies. Some of these might be on  Amazon Prime (One Year Membership), Netflix,  or  TV.


While You Were Sleeping
This has been one of my favorite movies for years. I even watched it on VHS a year or two ago because it’s that good. I did feel some guilt because my army cousin and his army friend were visiting. I *did* say that we didn’t have to watch it, but they said it was okay. I don’t know why they didn’t stay all day, but whatevs. I think I need to buy this so I can swoon over the amazingness ever day in December.


This is a funny and cute family movie that I watch almost every year. It’s not one of those kid friendly movies that I feel obligated to smile at when a kid starts laughing and looks at me waiting for me to follow in the same fit of giggles.


It’s A Wonderful Life
I gasped for air when my friend admitted that she had never seen this classic. The worst part was that she didn’t sheepishly admit this. She almost seemed …proud. Well, we’re adults. It’s time to grow up and watch black and white movies is what I want to say to her. Instead, I’ll send her this blog post.


Mrs. Miracle
This movie is super cute. It’s not a 100% realistic movie, but it’s not one of those movies that you’re wishing you could have your two hours back. It might also be on The Hallmark Channel again soon.


Call Me Mrs. Miracle
Again, this Mrs. Miracle movie is sweet.


And that is my little list of Christmas movies that I think you should check out. 

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