Getting cousins, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, parents, and grandparents together for family photos is such a special memory. Here are a few tips to make your extended family photoshoot a great experience.

Choose the Right Photographer

Not every photographer is interested in or can photograph large groups of people well. Choose someone that can make the experience as fun and smooth as possible. If you’re in Florida, I would love to talk more with you about extended family photos.

Coordinate, Don’t Match

The goal is not to look like everyone else. Many years ago, one trend was to have everyone at a photoshoot wear white tops and jeans or khakis. It didn’t matter how flattering it looked on each person as long as you wore the uniform.

A much more flattering option is to wear colors and clothing that complement everyone. When you book a photoshoot with me, I will send you a guide to help you choose what to wear. Want more help? Contact me about booking a stylist for your photoshoot. A professional stylist isn’t just for models.

Make It Fun

Let’s keep your photoshoot as fun and relaxed as possible. When everyone is comfortable and enjoying their time together, this makes for the best expressions and moments. Having your photo should not be something you’re dreading.


Speaking of not dreading your photoshoot, one of the biggest things you can do to make your photoshoot relaxed is to plan everything ahead of time. If there’s anything you’re stressed about, please let me know. Not only do I send a helpful guide when you book a photoshoot, but I also have some amazing resources if you would like extra help planning your photo session.

Book Enough Time

When you have a large group of people, you’ll want to book at least an hour of time….possibly more depending on how big the group is and the location. This is not the time for a mini session as you can probably guess.

If you have small children in your group, you’ll want some extra time for possible snack breaks and play time so that everyone stays happy.


I hope you found these 5 tips helpful for your next extended family photoshoot. Creating beautiful memories and photos with your loved ones is such an amazing gift. 

If you’re in the Central Florida area, I would love to send you more information on booking a studio or on location photoshoot. Use the contact form and I’ll reply within 24 hours Monday-Friday. 

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