Sometimes life can be stressful. I really believe that to live a life of peace and joy, you really have to work at it. While we need to be real and face what comes our way, we don’t need to keep our minds on anything and everything. If we dwell on negative things and the hopelessness of a situation, how can we expect to be happy? I’m really thankful for my life. I really am a happy person. My attitude is the second reason I can have a great life.

What is the first reason for my happiness? Time and time again, I am reminded of how I can stay at peace and have joy. I could not not do life without God. For me, it’s not just about knowing that there’s something bigger and greater out there….it’s a persona relationship with God.

Great relationships with my family and friends are also what I am so thankful for. They keep me strong even in the toughest of times. I can’t imagine my life without certain people in it.

One of the things that I feel a need to do is to list what I’m thankful for on a daily basis. It can be big things or it can be small things. I think that this website is so cute. The thoughts can be so random, but they really make me appreciate the little things in life. Here are a few images taken from that site. I hope you can think of several more. 🙂



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