Jamie’s celebration of life was yesterday. The service starts at around 9:35 in the timeline. A group of our friends sat together as we remembered Jamie’s life. Tears are beautiful and there were plenty of those. But smiles and laughter were also there. Words of comfort and happiness found their way throughout the service. Friends and strangers all had this special person in common.

Jamie lived an amazing life here on earth. Finding wonderful words to describe here was only difficult at times because she was incredibly amazing. Touching and funny stories were easy to find because she was constantly smiling and making a big impact on others’ lives. Jamie is one of the most positive people I have ever met in my life. When you see meet her family, you also meet some of the most positive, inspiring people you will ever meet.

The most comforting thing in this situation is that Jamie is in heaven with no pain or suffering. I believe this not because it’s a cute thought, but because I know that Jamie loved God with all her heart and made Him first in her life.

Thank you Jamie for showing us such a remarkable example of how a Jesus lover lives. 🙂

I have enjoyed the messages and facebook comments I’ve received about Jamie. If you would like to share a thought about how you met Jamie or how she impacted your life, feel free to share a comment below.  🙂 I want love to collect some messages to send to her family. 🙂



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