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I remember when I used to blog all the time. I would have felt so  much guilt if I had let a while pass without sharing on social media or writing a blog post. I’m trying to let go of that. It can be difficult to not be able to do things that you once did….things that you took for granted. If something has changed in your life, give yourself some grace. Think about your successes in life, try your best, and be positive. Pushing yourself to grow is a great thing. Beating yourself up does not benefit you.

With that being said, I’m going to be blogging much more. I’m not going to set a specific goal like I used to (1 blog post a day for a month? not this time), but I will be posting several new posts with some fun images. I hope you visit my blog and check them out. Also, I would love to read your comments.

The first blog to kick off this new blogging goal is of this adorable girl. She is almost 1 and loves to walk. She was always moving along to her next adventure. When you have not been walking for long, I imagine that sitting still for long is not in the agenda. 🙂 How cute is she relaxing here? 🙂 I love her pink shirt, too.


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Blowing kisses was fun and sweet. Lake Mary Photographer

Laughter is the best medicine, right? 🙂Lake Mary PhotographerLake Mary Photographer

It was just too much! 🙂Orlando North PhotographerLake Mary Photographer

How sweet is she?Lake Mary Photographer

I would love to read your comments! Comment below. 🙂