Aileene and I flew to Minneapolis, MN for our cousin Brian’s wedding. Brian is an incredibly special guy.  He’s the type of guy who stands up and greet a lady who walks in, opens doors, and is just a kind hearted guy. Yes, I’ve though, “He’s such a guy!” as I roll my eyes at his goofiness sometimes, but I always appreciate how amazing he is. If you know his family, it’s not hard to see where he gets his amazingness from.  One might think that finding his perfect match might be impossible, but he found her.

He married one of the sweetest, amazing women I have met. She is incredibly sweet and thoughtful and is just beautiful inside and out. When you meet her family, you don’t want to leave them. I may or may not have mentioned a 1 year anniversary/reunion trip.  😉

I posted a few wedding photos the day we got back from Minneapolis, but I wanted to post the official preview now. There are many more photos to come. 🙂

Minneapolis, MN

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