Orlando Birthday Party Photography

January has been filled with photo sessions and events. I have been so blessed to have photographed such amazing, sweet people. I loved photographing this event. This was such a fun birthday party! What a loving family. Friends and family were so sweet and made sure that all of the kids were having a great time. Also, any party where you’re told several times to eat or drink is pretty good.  😉 Thank you to our hosts, their family, and their friends for making us feel so welcome!  Also, thanks Joi de Vie Weddings and Events for all the hard work you put into this.

Birthday girl was so sweet. At one point, she came up to me and wouldn’t let me put her down for a while. Ah! I love her! And hello, what fabulous style!


The face painting was a huge hit!


The bar was all juice, soda, and candy. I had a cotton candy drink which was amazing!


Great smiles were everywhere to be seen.


Every karaoke artist needs their back-up dancers. 🙂