LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how amazing this family is. If I could photograph them every week, I would.

I have worked with kids for years and find working with children fun and easy. Not to brag, but I’ve been invited to McDonalds a few times after a session by the kids I photograph. Haha. Baby *L was really fun to photograph and was pretty patient for such a young guy. He was so sweet, adorable, and happy. His smiles and laughter melted my heart. But this session had an interesting start.

Although the day was very hot, I was met by smiles and a sweet (I was going to say “warm” LOL) welcome from this family. I hugged, I smiled, I laughed. And then it happened. My laugh startled Baby *L. Poor guy. But don’t worry…..his mom and dad got him laughing and smiling quickly. Let’s just say that they must watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I was impressed….very impressed. 🙂 L*’s dad did a great Mickey Mouse voice. If you have kids, you are probably thinking of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song now. 🙂 I tried entertaining *L by making silly faces and noises. Let’s just say that I was not taking the Miss Congeniality awards home this time.  😉

Thank you so much for coming all the way to Central Florida! It was such an honor to photograph your sweet, beautiful family!

Seriously?! This face is just too cute!! I loved all the sweet moments we captured. How full of happiness is he!? He was so comfortable and full of laughter with his mom. AHH! So sweet!

I love how father and son would play. 🙂



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