Lorie and Christian are two amazing people! They are both so sweet and fun. Lorie’s my taco buddy, too. Woot woot. Haha.I’m so happy that I know this couple!

I first met Christian at church a few years ago at the young adults service. I was making dinner plans with several people when another Michelle brought him over and said that he was new and to invite him to dinner. “WAIT!!!! Let me guess your name!”, I yelled. I guessed wrong, but he still came to dinner. 🙂 Christian became part of our little group….going out to dinner, watching LOST….fun stuff. I’ll take credit for inviting him into our epic group. LOL.

One of our good friends knew this awesome girl, Lorie, from college. Can you see where this is going? 🙂 Through Christian, I became good friends with Lorie. Aileene and I photographed their engagement session, their wedding, and Lorie’s bridal session. Super talented Lorie was the day coordinator for Aileene’s wedding. As you can imagine, I was super happy to be able to capture Lorie’s maternity session. I can’t wait to meet their little blessing!



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