Orlando North Newborn Photographer – Baby *M

Newborns are so special to photograph. Baby smiles, stretches, and yawns are the cutest. They are this tiny for such a small amount of time. It’s incredibly special to document these moments in a baby’s life with photos. How cute is he?

http://michelleguzman.com/ How cute are his baby shoes?


He’s ready for anything. Lol. I wonder what he’s dreaming of?

http://michelleguzman.com/ Baby stretches are the cutest!

http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/ See? Baby stretches are amazing!

http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/http://michelleguzman.com/ I love how relaxed her looks.

http://michelleguzman.com/ Baby photography is so sweet. 🙂



It was super hot in Florida and was looking a little dreary and rainy. But they were such great sports. These outdoor family photos are some of my favorites from this photo session. Outdoor newborn photos? Yes, please. 🙂
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