I love seeing how photographers edit their images. I’ve had some photography questions from others and thought it would be fun to show a before and after image. It’s kind of intimidating because what if you all think the original was better? HAHA!

My images are usually shot in jpg. They go through 2 or 3 stages depending on the image and it’s use.

Stage One: The first stage is the original photo (SOOC). This is what I caught in the camera BEFORE any editing is done.

Stage Two: Stage two is what you usually see on my blog and in your online gallery. It’s the “proof” stage. These images are all edited for a polished look. I love how this stage can take a good image and make it great. I definitely want to spend time on each image you see. Your images are special to me.

Stage Three: Stage three is reserved for ordered images (such as your album, canvas art, etc…) and a few select images that stand out to me. The time spent on each image is different. This stage can truly transform an image into a piece of art.

This image if funny to me because, in a way, the before and after look so different. But in another way, they really are not that different. As you can see, the original image is more dull than the after. One thing to notice though, is that the right elements are there originally. While the first image is not as bold as the second, the blue sky and exposure are there. The before and after image is stage 1 and stage 2. I added contrast, burned the edges a tiny bit, and brought the blue out. That’s it. Not all images look this different with only a few tweaks, but I thought this would be a fun image to show. I wish all images were this easy.  🙂

Let me know if you have any questions.  🙂

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