“Aaaahhhhh!!!!!!”. Yes, that’s how I greeted two of the Catalyst Band members. To say that I was excited about this reunion is an understatement. Years ago, these guys and a few other amazing artists would lead worship at 2+ services a week. They would rehearse, practice before each church service, and lead us in amazing praise and worship. I knew how blessed I was back then, but now that I don’t get to hear them twice a week, I REALLY miss them. I was so, so, so spoiled!!!!

I brought my camera and grabbed a few photos and video clips from the audience. I also miss shooting pro video with the elevated camera platforms. LOL. But at least I have this little video. 🙂 They sound way better live or with proper audio recording, but I’m still loving this. Thanks Catalyst Band for being so amazing. 🙂

By the way, this is AFTER their rehearsed set. I think Rob surprised them by requesting this Catalyst classic. 🙂