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Do you carry your camera with you everywhere?

A: I don’t carry my camera everywhere I go. Sometimes, it’s just nice to see the world through a different perspective instead of always having a big camera with you. 🙂

I need senior pix taken. Are you still doing them?

A: Yes, I am still photographing the class of 2010. 🙂 If you’re a 2011 grad, start thinking about your photos, too. 🙂

Q: Where did you learn photography?

A: My dad is the first person who introduced me to photography. I also took one college class, but I have mostly been self taught. It takes a while to get the basics down, but it can feel amazing when you start to capture what you want the way you want. 🙂

Q: Why do you prefer Cannon over Nikon? Whats the difference?

A: I’ve shot with a few different film and digital cameras. Canon and Nikon cameras are great. When I started learning manual camera settings, I used a Minolta and later a Nikon. I thought I would get a Nikon digital camera, but I ended up going with Canon.

Both brands have their strengths and weaknesses. I really started paying attention to Canon when I notices that most of my favorite wedding photographers used Canon. I loved the high ISO and other features Canon had. Rumor has it (lol) that Nikons are better with focusing and Canon excels at low light situations.

There have been some major improvements to cameras even this past year. They just keep getting better. I would actually love to play with a Nikon, but am still so happy to be a Canon girl. 🙂

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