Dedicated to my friend Christina. 🙂

Wow….2013 is here. It’s been a great start. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with keeping up with all the behind the scenes that goes into photography.  While photographing amazing people can be so rewarding, it’s a lot of work. In addition to photography, I also design websites. I am so happy to finally have given my websites a make-over. I have more changes I would like to make, but I’m so excited on what I accomplished in just a few days.

Do you have any goals or dreams that you’re not going for? If you’re feeling overwhelmed or discouraged on what you are not doing, start doing something. If you don’t have time, take 10 minutes a day to start your goal. I know that 10 minutes does not sound like enough time to do anything, but in just 1 week, that would be over an hour that you have committed to your goal. That’s 70 minutes closer to your dreams!

What goals and dreams do you have for 2013? List it below and let me know what you can do in 10 minutes to reach your goal!

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