I should have been in bed. I didn’t need to be up late, but I was. On my way to bed, I noticed a spider by my doorway. I am sometimes a little paranoid and think that thread is a spider. But this was the real thing. I’m not a fan. I leaped in the air and ran full speed to my weapon of choice….. a green flip flop. As I ran, my pink toe went one way and I went the other way.

I looked down to see if, literally, my toe was still attached to my foot. It was. I tried moving my toe. I couldn’t tell if my toe was broken or if pinky toes are just hard to move, so I compared one foot to the next. By the way, ice on my toe was HORRIBLE!!! Forget it, it’s swollen although I did put it on for a bit.

Oh, maybe I am being dramatic, but it’s been constently on my mind now. I’m shooting a wedding on Saturday. I wonder what shoes I should wear. Haha. I am just imagining my foot in a cast or my toe taped up to my foot so it never EVER happens again. Thanks a lot Mr. Spider.