Many of you already know that my dear friend Jamie is battling leukemia. Please continue to pray for her and her family. On Saturday, she was told that the cancer had returned to her body at 20%. On Sunday, the number had jumped to 48%!! When my sister and I saw her on Tuesday, it was at 60 something %. On Wednesday, it had stabilized.

Her family came down for this time and my cousin (Thanks Noly!) and I were able to photograph her yesterday. She got special permission to go downstairs to the lobby in a wheelchair. While she can’t go outside, she was at least able to go by the windows and see outside.

My cousin and I had the honor of spending time with her and her amazing family on Wednesday. WOW! They are some of the kindest, most genuine people you will ever meet.

Jamie’s skin color is not the same. The whites of her eyes are not the same. Her hair is not the same. Her energy level is not the same. But she is still beautiful in every way. Her gorgeous smile that lights up the room …. her sweet, fun temperament… her passion for life….her faith in God. Yes, she’s still the same, amazing Jamie.

Jamie and her immediate family:

Everyone being silly! Love how fun they are! What a fabulous group.  🙂

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Her parents are amazing!

Orlando Photography

Her brothers: Grey, “G.Q.”, and “Blinky”. Gotta love photographer given nicknames. 🙂

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How cute is this couple?!  🙂

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