Do you ever work on something forever, but it doesn’t seem like much of a change? HAHA. Updating websites can take so much time. Thankfully, this new blog header was not too bad.

Can you see the changes? 🙂 I had a rotating header (different images in a slideshow), but the images looked really pixelated. Now, whenever you visit the blog, you will see one of a few different headers. If you refresh your screen, it should actually take you to a new image. I might change it back. I’m not sure. What do you think?

As many of you know, Aileene and I went to Minneapolis Minnesota to photography our cousin’s wedding. Apparently we bring great weather when we visit anywhere out of state. HAHA! The day we showed up, we were told it was cooler than the previous days. The day before the wedding was amazing. I actually WANTED to be outside. I love Florida, but I love it more when the first hint of Fall breezes arrive. That time in the day when the sun is about to retire and there’s hope that you won’t melt if you stay out for long. But for now, it’s pool/beach weather and air conditioned living. 🙂

This is so random, I know. Thank you to everyone who reads (and comments-yay!!) my blog and notices small things like new headers. And thank you to all the amazing Fall brides, families, and seniors. We’re going to have so much fun!

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