Professional Photography and 7 Tips For Parents


As a photographer who has worked with kids for years, I often hear parents share the same fear. What is this fear? I mean, isn’t a photo session supposed to capture magical moments and be perfectly happy? What I have heard several parents, especially mothers say is, “I’m afraid that [my child] will act up during the photo shoot”. I would like to reassure you that amazing photos of YOUR child are possible. 🙂 Here are a few thoughts.

7 Tips on Children and Photography

1. Your child is not the only active child in photo session history. Please remember this. If your child is really acting up, I’m not saying to let them do whatever they want. But often, parents feel nervous that the photographer is going to think badly of them because their child doesn’t want to sit still. If a photographer is really familiar with photographing children, an active child is not going to surprise them. 🙂

2. Certain locations are more comfortable for children. If you are in a kid friendly studio or a fun, on location setting, your child may be much more comfortable than a little studio with many strange cables and equipment.

3. Bring a snack just in case. A hungry kid is a cranky kid. 😉

4. Bring something fun and familiar. A special toy or book can make a child more comfortable.

5. Relax! If you are tense and often scolding your child to sit still, this is not going to help in creating amazing photos with the best expressions.

6. Have fun! If you are having fun and laughing, your child will take a cue from you.

7. Work with a photographer who really knows how to photograph children. This is more than just choosing a photographer who has amazing photos. Kids are more comfortable with photographers who really enjoy photographing children and families. This will help you get the photos you want. 🙂


To finish off my thoughts, I would love to share these 3 photos below. The first two are super cute family photos. The third image is the behind the scenes. LOL.


He was not happy to be pulled into this photo, but he warmed up as you can see from the above images. LOL.



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