After years of photographing people, I’ve learned different techniques to capture the images I want. I’m often asked about camera settings and other oh so high tech things. Want to learn one of my fancy photography tips? Yes? Okay. Here goes….I act silly during shoots so that my models feel comfortable in front of the camera. LOL. True story.

I usually laugh a lot, tell jokes (but not the word play or riddles because those mostly annoy me), tell stories, ask for stories ( I love stories!), etc…. Being in front of the camera can be a little nerve wrecking at first for some, so I’ll take one for the team and basically embarrass myself.  😉

I basically told Kristina that I’m so much cooler in “real” life. She looked amazing in front of the camera from the start, so she actually didn’t need me to prove what a nerd I am. Wish I had known that before the shoot. Kidding. 😉 Here’s some of Kristina’s senior photos. 🙂

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