This is such a special family to me. I love spending time with them. So blessed that they’ve come to me to capture so many family memories. Here are some photos from our styled photoshoot at my Lake Mary photo studio as well as some info on styled photoshoots.

One of my favorite types of photoshoots is a styled photoshoot. I love bringing ideas together to create a beautiful space. While it can take months to plan some photoshoots, it’s so worth it when you see the final photos.

Family styled photoshoot in Orlando Florida

Photoshoot Events

A few times a year, I like to announce special photography events. This is such a fun way to get styled photos without booking a fully custom styled photoshoot. 

Family styled photoshoot in Orlando Florida

Plan What You’ll Wear

When I announce styled photoshoot events, I like to give an idea of what the space will look like. This helps in knowing what to wear. I love seeing how creative everyone gets. From classic and elegant to bright and bold, what you wear really impacts how your photos look.

Family styled photoshoot in Orlando Florida
Family styled photoshoot in Orlando Florida

Bring Props

Bringing a fun prop or two can help make the photoshoot more custom and fun. 

Styled photoshoot in Orlando Florida

Create Your Own

Did you know that you can host your own photoshoot event? You can host a custom photo event for friends, a playgroup, co-workers, teams, and other groups you’re in. Let me know the style you’re looking for, how many will be photographed, and we can set up your own event with special group pricing. 

Styled photoshoot in Orlando Florida

Sign Up for V.I.P.

This e-mail is where you’ll find out about upcoming photo events, read tips on how to make your photoshoot a success, and get access to exclusive offers. It’s free to join, so check it out. 

Mother and son photoshoot in studio

If you’re in the Orlando area, I would love to send you more information on booking a styled photoshoot. If you’re interested in a custom on location or studio photoshoot, let’s set up a date. Or if you’re on the free V.I.P. e-mail list, check for upcoming photoshoot events.

Mother and son
Mother and daughter photos

I love genuine laughs and smiles in photos. How sweet is this family?!

Orlando Father and Son photoshoot
Father and son photo
Father and daughter photo in studio
Lake Mary Family Studio photoshoot
Lake Mary Studio photoshoot
sibling photoshoot in studio

I love these two!

Christmas styled photoshoot of couple