I can’t believe Aileene and Tim’s big day has come and gone. After spending so much time on the wedding details, it feels strange that their beautiful wedding day is now a memory. What a beautiful day it was!! Here are a few images from their wedding day.

I love this wedding portrait. Tim is such a handsome groom. Aileene is such a gorgeous bride. We seriously took all of the portraits ON OUR WAY to the ceremony. How crazy are we?! LOL!

Aileene designed and sewed her own wedding dress. I’m not just saying this because she’s my sister, but she’s really a creative genius. She is both left and right brained to the max.

Downtown Orlando for a wedding? Yes please. The rooftop view was amazing.

Aileene saw a cake design that she loved. She added a few changes and presented the idea to the person who created this. I loved this wedding cake. The downtown buildings made a beautiful backdrop for this modern cake.



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