I thought I would share some questions that I was asked. Happy Tuesday!  🙂

Q. Do you use nikon or canon or something else?

A. I use Canon! Woot Woot! LOL! But I will say that different brands have different strengths. I’m not a hater. 😉

Q. I’m not an “official” photographer, but I, too, am self taught:) My Q: How did you handle discouragement when you first started doing photography?

A. I think that discouragement can come from yourself as well as others. I had people encouraging me and believing in my talent before I saw anything special in my work.

It’s so important to remember that some people just are not very encouraging. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to become an international high fashion photographer or a fast food shift manager…. some people may discourage you.

Whether the discouragement be from yourself or others, just keep shooting and growing in your skills. Then look back and see how far you’ve come. To me, that’s encouraging. 🙂

Q. I really like your baby studio pics and the outdoor ones. Do you like taking studio or outdoor photos best?

A. Thanks so much! I actually do not have a studio. All of my work is on location. There are times where I try and go for a studio look, but there’s no studio involved. I’m glad it worked, though. LOL! 🙂