Photography Bag – What to Bring on a Photo Shoot – Part I

Being a photographer is more than just knowing how to take great photos and having a nice camera. I’ll be sharing some basic photography tips in some upcoming blogs and videos. Whether you are a photographer or someone who is being photographed, preparing for your session is so important. What you do BEFORE a session can really impact your photo shoot.

This might sound random, but I’m going to start with something not directly photo related. Water and snacks. Yes, if you’re on a short photo session, this might not be needed. But if  you are in extremely hot conditions, have low blood sugar or energy, or are at a longer shoot or event, bringing a snack and drink is highly recommended.

Choose a snack that won’t easily melt, easy to eat, and is as filling as possible. Also, consider how loud a snack package is to open. I  know, I know….getting picky here. Granola and fruit bars are a great option.

If you want to be more discreet, go for the chewy bars. I’ve become a master of not dying from starvation at weddings and events. When I have to switch my lens or memory card, I go to my camera bag, and as quietly and quickly as possible, I tear open a fruit or granola bar, break of a small piece, pop it in my mouth,  turn around, and can even smile if people are around. It’s a little smile since I’m technically eating.

Here’s a list of some bars you might enjoy. Feel free to click on the image to read more about them or buy online.

Nature Valley Oats Honey Bar
I have brought these with me to so many photo shoots and weddings. They are crunchy, so be aware that eating them can be loud.

 Kind Bars
These were recommended to me by a friend. She buys hers on Amazon.

Quaker Oats Chewy Bars
These are more discreet and are kind of small. I put a few of these in my bag.