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Hi Everyone. If you’re on my Facebook list, you may have heard about my friend who was diagnosed with a severe form of leukemia almost a year ago. She’s only in her mid 20’s, but has handled this situation so gracefully and positively. The doctors just told her they can’t do anything & only give her till the end of the week to live. Please pray for her miracle!!!! We’ve set up a Facebook event and ask if you could join us in praying for her. Feel free to share/invite friends. Thank you to everyone who has posted kind words and who have prayed for Jamie and her family. 🙂

In Jamie’s words, here’s her story. Videos are also below.


Tuesday, Dec 14, I woke up out of my sleep with severe pain in my knees and ankles to the point where I couldn’t walk. The doctors spent the day trying to control the pain with medicine and decided it was time to do another bone marrow biopsy to check and make sure everything else was ok.
Wednesday, I woke up and couldn’t move my body from my neck down because of the pain. The biopsy was done at 8:30am, followed by a 10 hour new liver treatment that seemed to be healing my liver GVHD (Graft vs. Host Disease).
Thursday, I did several tests, including x-rays of my chest and CT Scans of my lungs. The results came back quickly and showed that I had developed an infection in my body affecting my lungs.
Friday, I went into surgery to remove some of the infection and went on strong anti-fungals/antibiotics, etc, which is helping.
Saturday, the bone marrow biopsy results showed that the Leukemia had returned to my body at 20%.
Sunday, the doctor told me that the Leukemia had now spread to 48% of my body. He also explained that they would continue to fight the infection in my lungs and as much of my liver as possible. But that there was nothing they could do to fight the Leukemia. He said my body could not handle another round of chemotherapy and that it would put me on immediate life support. Chemotherapy would only kill off whatever cells I have left fighting against the Leukemia now. So, we needed to find a way to make me “comfortable.”

My doctor is constantly communicating with doctors all around the country at every major bone marrow hospital and brainstorming with all the experts, but they all agree…I asked him what kind of timeframe he felt like I had, and he said, “Just days…”

He said that apart from a miracle from God, there’s nothing left for science to do.
So, I’m asking God for a Miracle. And I need your prayers too. I still have the kind of faith that can move more than just mountains. Nothing is impossible for Him. God knows what He’s doing, He’s an on-time God, and He has never failed. Please agree with me for my Miracle. I pray that God would use this Miracle to bring glory to his Name.


In March 2010 I was diagnosed at Florida Hospital in Orlando, FL with Leukemia that began as MDS and progressed very quickly to AML. I was told very early that this was the most aggressive kind of Leukemia. A second opinion from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX confirmed this.
We began the most aggressive chemotherapy treatment possible. After 2 separate one-month stays for chemo, we found a perfect match to do a bone marrow transplant. The doctors assured us this would be the only cure.
I did one more round of chemotherapy, followed by the transplant and after a month of recovery, I was released. Everything was perfectly on track for recovery.

After 2 months something unusual began to show up in my blood work. So a bone marrow biopsy revealed that I had relapsed. My cells were fighting against the donor cells very aggressively. I was admitted back into the hospital immediately to begin another round of chemotherapy. Some of the donor cells from the previous transplant had been saved and frozen and these were used to do a second bone marrow transplant. But there were’t quite enough cells, so my donor agreed to donate again, and a week later, I received the rest of that transplant.

This time I had very intense side effects due to something called “Graft vs. Host Disease” (GVHD for short). This is where the donor cells fight against my cells but create serious side effects in the meantime. I developed skin rashes, fevers, nausea, and the most serious – liver GHVD. This is a very complicated process to explain, so I’ll skip it for now….


A recent interview with Jamie (starts at around 3:35): http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/11399384

Rock the Marrow Site: http://www.rockthemarrow.com/

*Update: I heard from a couple of friends who visited Jamie tonight that her lung infection is gone. Praise God! 8:42 p.m. Monday.

*Update: Jamie’s lung infection is gone, but the leukemia is quickly spreading. It has spread to over 60% of her body, but Jamie is still in good spirits. 7:08 p.m. Tuesday.

*Update: We took photos of Jamie and her family today. Her condition has stabilized today so that is good news. 🙂 She continues to be positive and upbeat. 8:56 Wednesday

*Update: I believe that it was yesterday when they found a spot on her lungs. We visited her today and they were still praying for that to be gone. We got to see Jamie, her family, and Johnny. There’s a Christmas tree with presents in Jamie’s room. I heard that they’re all allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve. 😉 – Dec 24

*UPDATE: Jamie’s mom posted this today: Pray specifically for Jamie’s lung mass to go away, Bilirubin to go to normal, cough to go away, swelling to go to normal, Leukemia cells to be destroyed. Pray really hard for a divine MIRACLE of God’s healing to make Jamie well and whole. – Dec 26

The doctors just told her they can’t do anything & only give her till the end of the week to live. Please pray for her miracle!!!!



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