Small Business Case Study

Looking to grow your business or know someone who is? I’m looking for a few small businesses to do a case study of. This will include light branding and photography. A make-over? Yes, but so  much more.

Beautiful photography and professional branding can make your business seem trust worthy and higher in quality. If you’ve always wanted a professionally designed online presence or product photos that will impress, this opportunity might be perfect for you. I’ve photographed images for magazines, small businesses, portraits, and weddings. I also have a web design degree (since 2003) and have worked with other small businesses on Facebook design, websites, blogs, business cards, and more.

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I know that you might have invested in branding and photography because times are tough. You might not be able to afford my complete branding or photography packages. I’ll be offering a select few services to a select group of business owners and a deep discount in exchange for your help. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact me today. 🙂 To participate, please note the following:

If you have a website, Facebook page, or images of your products, please send me a link. 🙂

Please let me know what your dream design or photography would be and what you are looking for. Product photos? Facebook cover image? Twitter design? YouTube design? Online banner? Business ad?

If our styles fit together well, I would love to work with you on this special project.

What I ask is that you update me on how the new branding and photography have impacted your business. Your project may be featured on my site. I also ask that if you are thrilled with your new look, that you refer me to at least 3 other people. 🙂


For consideration, please e-mail me today.