Several months ago, I received an e-mail from Catherine inquiring about photography for her Ft Lauderdale wedding vow renewal. I loved hearing her wedding plans as she wrote about the vintage inspired details, the outdoor location, and other wedding details. Imagine the surprise when I heard a couple of days earlier that there was a 40% chance of rain. While I was on my way to South Florida, it was confirmed that there would be a change of plans. I’m used to going with the flow at weddings, but I hoped our bride would not be too disappointed in the venue change.

Although there was a change in plans, she was all smiles. I’m thankful for amazing brides. Our bride, groom, and guests were so sweet and wonderful. THIS is why I love photography. I love photographing amazing people.

Although the wedding was technically indoors, I wanted to have a park feel to these photos. It did rain and drizzle while we were there, but it was a lovely wedding. 🙂

West Palm Beach Wedding Photographer


South Florida Photographer

Ft Lauderdale Wedding Photography

South Fl Wedding Photography

Ft Lauderdale Wedding Photographer

Ft Lauderdale Wedding Photography

Ft Lauderdale Wedding Photography

The vows were beautiful. The pastor spoke on the difference between a regular marriage and a covenant marriage. Amazing!


Ft Lauderdale Photographer

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