This might seem like such a basic, boring tip; but it’s an important one.

Charge your camera equipment batteries!

That’s right. It almost doesn’t sound like a photography tip. You might be surprised at how obvious, but how missed this is. It really doesn’t matter how amazing your camera is if it doesn’t turn on. Whether you are a professional photographer or just using a super simple camera, here are a few tips for never missing a memory due to a dead camera battery.

1. As soon as you finish using your camera for the day, charge the batteries. 
I can sometimes use my camera a few times before I charge it, but I always try to charge it before it gets super low. There’s no need to be crying at an event because of low battery warnings. 😉 Am I the only one that has done that? Kidding.

2. If you can afford it, consider purchasing an additional battery.
I personally have 2-4 batteries per camera. If I am using my point and shoot, I can bring the extra battery with me in my purse. If I’m photographing a wedding, I always have a few batteries in my camera bag. I also have two battery chargers for each type of battery I own.

3. Keep your batteries and chargers in a specific place.
Once upon a time, I lost my battery charger. I looked and looked and looked, but could not find it. Distraught. I ordered another battery charger. Later, I found the charger, still plugged into an outlet behind a couch. The End. But seriously, keep your camera gear in specific places so you are not having mini panic attacks. 😉


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