Want to help build a school in Haiti? You can help in this amazing goal….and get great photos. I will be hosting a few mini sessions and will be donating the session fee to this great cause. Here’s more information about The School Sessions.

The School Sessions from The School Sessions on Vimeo.

What: “The School Sessions is a one-day event across the globe on Sunday, April 12, 2015 to raise $200,000 to build a school in Haiti….$200,000 will buy land and build a ten-classroom school for 220 students”.

Why: “The previous building was destroyed by the 2010 earthquake and these children (ages 3 to 16) are in need of a earthquake and hurricane-proof school to learn and grow”.

Personal: I remember hearing stories of a missions trip that my mom went on when she was a teenager. Haiti was once again on my mind when the 2010 earthquake hit. My friend was actually there on a missions trip when it happened. I’ve had the opportunity to hear many stories of these beautiful people and am excited to be a part of this project.

How: I will be offering special mini sessions on Sunday, April 12, 2015 in Lake Mary, Florida. If you would like to book a photo session, please contact me. I will send you the link where you can donate directly to The School Sessions.

Cost: The entire session fee ($100 donation for a 25 minute session) will be sent directly to this cause. You can purchase a set of specially priced images for only $50. The weekend upgrade (normally $50) will be free of charge on this date as well. You will also have the option to purchase more images.

Share: If you know someone that would love to be a part of this, please share this blog post with them. 🙂

Book: To book, contact me and I will give you the link to donate. 🙂


photo credit by The School Sessions