Really?! Yeah, that’s what comes to mind when I see this video. I guess I can say that I’ve seen worse.
Feel free to leave answers to my comments. 🙂
Does anyone else think that the bus stop sign looks a little shady? No?

Hello! Seat belts ya young hooligans.

If her friend is to her right, then who are the other people? Frenemies? Are they offended that she’s not claiming them?

Why is she still asking which seat she can take. Does she not realize that she’s already in the car? Oh wait, that’s right….no seat belts mean you can change your mind I guess.

Did anyone else learn that Thursday comes before Friday? So glad I saw this music video.

I wonder how much they paid the rapper to make an appearance on this.

Would anyone else be disturbed if some grown man was wrapping about their daughter? Family friend? I guess it’s okay then.
Does anyone else feel sorry for everyone who appeared in this video? I mean, they are probably all really cool kids with pushy stage moms. Maybe.

Anyone want to be in a music video?

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