Faith in Curls is a hair studio that is focused on curly hair. Jarely is the amazingly sweet and talented hair salon owner. It’s so cool to see her transform hair into gorgeous curls. So many hair stylists have no idea how to properly cut curly hair so that it looks amazing naturally. 

A while ago, Jarely had an upcoming campaign for a non-profit she created for curly haired kids. I had a great time visiting her hair studio and photographing the cutest models.

She even had a custom wall with her brand color which was amazing. I also loved the confetti she had for celebration photos. Such a fun idea for brand photos.

If you’re thinking about personal brand photography, how do you know what location to choose? Here are a few thoughts on having your business or personal brand photos at my studio, at your space, or even at another location.

Hair stylist blow drying curly hair
Faith in Curls Brand Photos
Curly hair stylist
Orlando Brand Photographer
Curly haired girl

On Location or My Photo Studio?

While most of my photoshoots are at my studio, I offer the option to come to you if you like. It sometimes makes more sense to have your brand photos at your place. Sometimes it’s easier to have branding photos at my studio.

Lots of Natural Light

If your space has a lot of natural light, you might want your brand photoshoot there. If it’s a dark space, another location (including my studio) might be a better option. While I may use extra lights to make the space look even better, we’ll still want to start off with good lighting.

Minimal + Clean Look

While you don’t need your entire space to look perfect, you’ll want the areas that are being photographed to look amazing. If you have plenty of space, your location might be ideal for brand photos. You can have any props or anything else we use to the side.

Props, Furniture, and Tools

If you have a beautiful space and have lots of props, furniture, and tools you use, it might make more sense to take photos at your location. I can bring lights, camera gear, and more to your space. Just plan extra time for that set-up. When we take photos at my studio, I will have the space set-up BEFORE you arrive so we can get straight to our brand photos.

Interested in Branding Photography?

If you’re a hairstylist, makeup artist, skin esthetician, or another business owner, I would love to send you more information on brand photography and how it can help you market your business. Use the contact form to send me a message and we can start planning your branding photoshoot.

Girl throwing confetti
Florida Brand Photographer
Florida Brand Photographer
Florida Brand Photographer
Faith in Curls
Faith in Curls Hair Studio Brand Photos
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Deland Brand Photographer
Orlando Brand Photographer
Orlando Brand Photographer
Personal Branding Photography
Lake Mary Brand Photographer
Lake Mary Brand Photographer
Lake Mary Brand Photographer